District Manager – 5885

Summary of Authority and Responsibility
Manages all branch managers and when needed, supervises the branch personnel in absence of branch managers within his/her district territory.

Reports to Regional Manager, or in the absence of a Regional Manager, the CEO.

Minimum Requirements
College bachelor’s degree or equivalent preferred; prior property and casualty claims adjusting experience required; valid driver’s license and reliable transportation required, demonstrated oral and written communication, problem analysis, planning and organizational skills required. In addition has demonstrated management, training and marketing ability.

Location and Equipment
Inside and outside environment. Must be able to drive an automobile and travel by airplane when necessary.

Contact with Others
Inside contact with branch and other district managers, regional managers, other adjusters and clerical workers. Outside contact with clients, policyholders, claimants, tradespersons and attorneys.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Staff selection, training, performance review and salary administration of all branch managers and often in absence of branch managers, the branch employees
  • Development and implementation of the marketing plan and extensive active marketing.
  • Open and close file reviews to ensure quality control and identify training needs.
  • Complaint handling by clients and general troubleshooting on the regional level.
  • Ongoing expense management based on analysis of branch profit and loss statements and company guidelines.
  • Handle or assist in handling losses within the region when warranted.
  • Lend technical support to district staff when appropriate.
  • Survey and establish the feasibility of new branch offices or divisions.
  • Coordinate the opening of new divisions or branch offices when appropriate.
  • Conduct audits on a regular basis of all branch offices.
  • Timely completion of routine regional-level management reports.
  • Review and approval of invoicing of branch offices where Branch Manager needs regional assistance or in absence of Branch Manager.
  • Visible participation in local and state claims organizations as required.
  • Perform any other tasks as assigned by the Regional Manager or CEO.
  • Make decision on hiring of Branch Manager and branch personnel with final approval by Regional Manager and CEO.

Responsible for training all branch managers and occasionally adjusters as well as clerical support staff.

As with all positions, this function will be performed by a qualified person. No form of improper discrimination will be used as a job qualification.