Custard’s Property Services Announcement Regarding COVID-19

Peachtree Corners, GA – March 25, 2020From Dan Daniel, Vice President and Director of Property Services – Custard Insurance Adjusters continues responding to the needs of our clients and is focused on doing so while protecting and maintaining safe work environments for our employees.  The work of inspecting property damage claims and helping policyholders and claimants who face adversity remains as critical now as ever, even against the backdrop of our collective response to the Coronavirus pandemic.  In the midst of this crisis, Custard is still doing the work required to help individuals and businesses who face the added challenges associated with storm damage, fire, water damage, or other claims.  Our field inspectors are working from their homes (limiting contact to large groups) and our centralized support units who handle claim intake, quality assurance, and administration of claim functions are also working remotely.  Our systems (hardware and software) have all been geared towards remote work and these are routine for us at this point.  Even though many brick and mortar office locations are closed or with limited support staff, our staff are able to work at the same pace and with the same efficiency as always, thanks to the implementation of business continuity plans and support of our in house IT group.

If our clients require property damage claim assessment, we have two viable options.  We are still able to conduct normal field claim investigations for exterior inspections and with some routine precautions around separation, we are able to investigate and assess interior claims.  Where a field inspection is not warranted (if a policyholder or claimant is ill and/or prefers not having an in-person inspection), Custard utilizes proprietary software alongside other cutting edge technology that allows for remote inspection with accurate measurements.  Our inside examiners can work with the policyholder to gather documentation in support of the claim i.e. photographs, video chat.  We are also implementing workflows and staffing for what is likely a coming wave of claims due to the widespread shutdown of businesses, large and small.

While the national approach to COVID-19 continues to evolve, rest assured that Custard Insurance Adjusters is committed to safely and effectively assisting our clients and their customers with the “other” disasters and challenges that occur on a daily basis.  We have been here for over 50 years and look forward to working with our valued customer partners through this new challenge.

Dan Daniel, Vice President/Director of Property Services