Construction Defects

construction-deffects-picThe Construction Defect Division of Custard Insurance Adjusters is committed to bringing you the highest quality construction defect investigation in the industry. Through Custard’s network of over 250 offices, adjusters are strategically located to provide comprehensive geographic coverage and coupled with the Division’s expertise in construction defect litigation customers can expect a seamless connection with an experienced loss professional.

Understanding the complexities associated with construction defects, our focus is to provide you with the information you need to minimize your indemnity and expense exposures. Our team of highly qualified adjusters will aggressively investigate and provide services to include:

  • Determine the insured’s scope of work
  • Establish the dates of construction for each structure
  • Identify and tender to all mutual carriers
  • Provide an initial time on risk analysis
  • Identify and tender to all subcontractors
  • Tender to each additional insured carrier
  • Maintain an additional insured matrix
  • Attendance at all site inspections
  • Provide experienced construction defects adjusters to attend mediation as requested.

Construction Defect Division Contact Information

Robert Woller
District Manager
Tel: 503.667.1600

Melvena Trower-Rapp
Tel: 205.823.1230
Fax: 205.823.4688