Hotline Services 24/7 Contact Center

Housed in Custard’s national headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, Hotline is Custard Insurance Adjuster’s toll-free nationwide contact center. The Hotline is staffed by experienced intake professionals that are CIA trained in taking losses and understand the need for immediate response.

Our Hotline intake professionals are ready to assist our customers in:

  • Taking the details of the loss and assigning the most appropriate Custard branch location for immediate response.
  • Connecting our clients with field adjusters
  • Coordinating on-scene calls between adjusters and clients.

To insure that the individual requests of our client partners are met, detailed customer instructions along with client specific forms are available in Hotline’s database as a valuable reference tool for our team of seasoned intake professionals.

Through Custard’s network of over 250 offices, our adjusters are strategically located to provide comprehensive geographic coverage and customers can expect immediate connection with an experienced loss professional. We will even take it one step further, if we cannot provide one of our adjusters to the scene within the time frame requested by our client we will offer to attempt to locate a competitor to handle the on-scene request. Whatever it takes, it is our goal to respond immediately to the situation. The Custard standard is that field adjusters respond to incoming claims within fifteen minutes of the call.

As an added convenience to our client partners, new losses may also be submitted through our website. A dedicated team of Hotline intake professionals will direct the assignment to the appropriate Custard branch office for handling.

Contact Information

Susan Meadows
SVP Corporate Development
Tel: 770.368.3352

Tori Mills
AVP Director of Hotline Services
Tel: 770.368.3320

Andres Zea
Assistant Manager, Hotline
Tel: 770.209.8814


Multilingual Services

In today’s diverse society the need for language services has grown dramatically. Our Hotline center offers services in English and Spanish and has immediate access to knowledgeable and certified interpreters for virtually all languages.

Metrics Reports

As a report card of the activities of the Hotline, month end intake summaries are available. The reports provide historical information on the call handling efficiency of the Hotline operation and are available upon request.

Tailored Loss Intake & Response Solutions

Our experienced intake professionals at the Custard Hotline can create customized service programs to meet the specific needs and requirements of our client partners. Whether it is after hours or during peak times during the day, our staff is available 24/7/365 to accept calls on behalf of our clients. Through dedicated toll-free lines, we can answer your calls using your customized greeting and scripted to your unique specifications.

With over 50 years of experience we have the expertise to provide a loss intake alternative that will meet and exceed our client’s expectations.